Available categories for 2019: 


The “BRAND OF THE YEAR” Award is easily mistaken for an award presented for a successful campaign launched during the year of the competition. While an appealing campaign will bring awareness to the brand, we are looking for companies that enjoy the highest respect in the field both among their customers and peers for their trustworthiness, professionalism, customer care, consultative approaches, etc.  We will also look at whether the brand is civic-minded and if its core brand value resonates well with the end customers in Hong Kong, through social media and ethical advertising campaigns, with a clear set of moral principles and codes of ethics.


The “CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR” Award will go to a specific campaign launched during the past 12 months between January 2018 and December 2018. Tell us the story behind the campaign—whether it is a product campaign, a rebranding exercise, or a campaign for a specific objective; and tell us what you were trying to achieve—the significant impact of the story and whether you accomplished your mission. We are looking for the most memorable campaigns with powerful, meaningful, and inspirational messages that are not commoditized or focused on pricing. The campaigns must also deliver on what they promise and should be ethical, relevant, and inclusive.


We are looking to award ONE AD that has stood out this year. The ad is designed to emotionally connect with its target audience. It is believable, memorable, and somewhat disruptive. Yes, it’s that simple. This ad could be a print, outdoor, radio, or social media ad. In less than 500 words, simply tell us the logic behind it and what you were trying to achieve. The judging panel of this category will definitely not try to judge based on logic but on emotional connections.


Social media is about connecting people and about companies’ ability to manage relationships and communicate effectively with their distribution partners and customers. The “SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT” Award will go to a company that has embraced social media as part of its relationship management strategies, has built excellent social media tools, and has provided opportunities for people to collaborate and share information. We will be looking at your customer engagement strategies for social media in the areas of content strategy, response channels, how questions and complaints are dealt with, content pass-along strategies, and measurable business results.